Do Carbs Make you Fat?

We recently discussed the importance of protein.

Today we are going to discuss carbohydrates.

Typical foods include rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, and fruit.

Carbs provide us with the energy we need to train and go about our daily activities.

Todays question is...

Do carbs make you fat?

Potentially yes if you eat too much for your metabolism. But that can be said if you eat too much of anything.  As I said, carbs provide an energy source, some foods provide that energy quickly (High GI). And some over a longer period of time (LOW GI). I won't go into too much detail, thats a topic for another day. When you eat carbs and they are digested, they are converted to sugar to provide fuel.  If that fuel isn't needed, then those sugars generally tend to get converted to fat and stored for later. 

Carbs are an easy source of food to get hold of if you don't prepare your meals. The odd biscuit here, a juice there, pick up a sandwich for lunch etc. Even if they're healthy sources,  they still add up. 

A general guideline I typically use with myself and my clients, is the majority of your daily amount of carbohydrate should be consumed when energy is required. For example, before training to fuel your workout, after training, to replenish glycogen stores within your muscles and aid recovery, and for breakfast, to kick start your day. 

Unless you're highly active, at any other time of the day I would keep the carbs to a minimum. So if you're not training in the evening, when sitting down in front of the tele for dinner, try opting for a low carb high protein and fat meal instead. A nice steak and some green vegetables perhaps :)

Try it, and i guarantee you'll see instant results!