Now Is Your Time to Shine...

As Christmas approaches many gym goers and trainees tend to take their foot off the gas when it comes to their training and nutrition and concede defeat in piling on the pounds over the festive period. 

It's true that life is all about balance and you should have a few days off over Christmas and enjoy some good food and drink. And you may put on a few pounds. I know I probably will. 

But did you know the average person could put on anywhere between 8-15lbs over the festive period? 

It's also true that December is the time when we want to look our very best with all the social events and family get togethers coming up. Maybe meeting with friends and family you only see once a year. 

Girls you want to look sexy in that little sparkly dress, and guys you want to fill that Christmas jumper with a set of broad shoulders and arms instead of a big santa belly 😃.

So nows your time to shine and really make the last month of 2016 your best.

Take action and make a change now!

Don't put it off until January like everyone else. 

If you're serious, you should be able to drop everything and take instant action!

If you need any help to get the ball rolling, and to give you that little push you need, then I'm always here for you. 

Drop me a line anytime!