How To Make More Time

One of the many obstacles life throws at us is time or lack of it. 

How many times have you said I don't have enough time or theres not enough hours in the day. 

We're all guilty right? 



We all get the same 24 hours as everyone else. 

It's how we choose to spend our time and the choice we make

Have a look at how you spend a typical 24hrs

What areas take up most of your time?

My first piece of advice to create more time is;



Get up earlier

If you look at successful people and their habits, an early start is one of them. 

Most of their success is achieved while the rest of the world is tucked up in bed. 

It gives you a head start on the day. 

You can be more productive and get more done before life starts throwing it's demands and distractions at you. 

If wake up at 7.30am usually but then I told you to wake up at 5.30am. That's an extra 2 hours you've added to your day. 

How cool is that? 

Like anything you have to train your body to adjust. 

At first it will be uncomfortable and painful at first. But nothing good happens within ones comfort zone. 

If you wake up an hour earlier every day you create an extra 15 days in the year. 

2 hours? That's an extra month added to your year. 

What would you do with an extra month a year?



Organise your time.

Try to account for every hour. 

For example:

11-7 sleep

7-8 get ready

9-5 work. 

5-6 travel home

6.30-7.30 Workout

8-11 Dinner/TV/family time. 

Exercise habits

Try to workout at the same time everyday.

If not then just get it done when you can. 

Its all about baby steps and small adjustments.  

Don't just start waking up 2 hours earlier, ease into it.

Take small steps to create more time. 

10-7.30 sleep to 10-7 sleep

7-10 tv/family to 7-9.30 to/family.

Make it a habit. 

Creating time is a small habit that can be created like any other. 


Game plan for time creation:

1. Identify areas where you spend your time

2. Look at areas where you can create more time

3. Take small steps

4. Repeat 

5. Adjust

Just rinse repeat this process. 

Once you've used this method as much as you can, you can create even more time by getting other people to do things for you. And that brings me onto:




Think of anything you don't enjoy doing that takes up your valuable time and energy and outsource it. 

Buy back your time 

Invest in yourself. 

Especially if you run your own business.

Focus on what you enjoy and what you're good at and outsource the rest.  



Many will say that costs money. 

Yes it does. 

But you're buying time. 

Time you could use to be fitter, healthier which will lead to you being happier, confident, more productive and help you make more money. 



Make every second count!