Late Night Snacking

Just though i'd put together a quick blog post about a topic sprung to mind that I was asked about earlier today.

And thats late night snacking.

And particularly, eating carbs after a certain time in the evening. 

Is it ok to eat carbs in the evening?

Well, the answer depends on your body type, activity levels, and fitness goals.  

Bare in mind carbohydrates provide us with energy. 

If you're finishing work, going home and putting your feet up on the sofa and watching tv for the rest of the evening, well, you probably don't need to eat any carbs. 

Because you don't have any use for that energy. 

Especially if your aim is to reduce body weight.  

If your finishing work, then going for a workout or some other sport you might participate in, then you probably will want a high carb meal before and after that activity to refuel. 

If your not eating carbs in the evening, that doesn't mean you can't eat anything.

You still need to maintain your protein levels, to help build and repair your muscles.

I recommend a moderate protein snack right before bed, no matter what your goals are, to help fuel your muscles and repair your body during sleep.

This particular person that asked me this question was female, she was really slim and had a very fast metabolism. 

Her goal was to actually put on weight.

She'd been trying for ages and no matter what she ate she couldn't put on weight.

I recommended not only a protein snack, but also some carbs, with a large bowl of oats about an hour before bed.  

We'll see how she gets on. 

If you have any questions about your nutrition, feel free to post them in the Facebook group