The Personal Trainer Vs The Body Transformation Coach

So I've had a lot of questions lately on the differences between a Personal Trainer and a Body transformation coach. 

I feel I'm well qualified to write this because I have done both. I know what gets results for my clients from my own experience,  16 plus years in the fitness industry and over 9 years working one to one with clients. I know what gets results for my colleagues in the industry.  

Although most of my work is now in coaching I still enjoy and do some PT in conjunction from time to time

So this is not a pop at Personal Trainers or their clients, just purely my opinion on my findings from working in this industry for so many years. 

And I guess a lot of you know me from my years as a PT, you probably don't even know what a transformation coach is. So hopefully this article will give you a better idea. 

So here's my take.

One of the main reasons I got into coaching was to create a bigger impact by allowing me to help more people on a global scale rather than being restricted to my local area. 

That's the beauty of it, you can help your clients from anywhere in the world even when you're not there. Where PT is reliant on you being there face to face with the client.  

But what happens if a PT is sick or decides to take a holiday. The clients workouts go out the window and chances are they will end taking a holiday too.  

A PT is responsible for their clients results, where a coach will empower the client to take responsibility for their own results allowing them to succeed with or without them and beyond working with them.  

Personal trainers are more workout focused and charge by the session or block of sessions, somewhere in the region of £30-£60 per hour, where a Transformation Coach will charge for the transformation or the result you want. 

Because of this, coaching has a 90% success rate in delivering results, where PT probably gets results for around 1 in 10 clients. 

I'm not saying that PT's aren't good at what they do or don't know their stuff. They do. In fact, they know too much, and this is the problem. All this knowledge might be exciting to the trainer but to a client, it could be information overload and they end up switching off. Especially when bombarding them with all this knowledge during the workout.  

A client doesn't want a PT or a coach and all the knowledge they possess. All they want is the result.  

PT sessions can give you a false sense of achievement. It feels great to be pushed to the max. Maybe you even got a personal best, and thats great, But have you lost the weight you set out to lose? Does that PB really matter when you still look the same?

Here's the thing. It doesn't matter how good or how hard you work during that 1 hour PT session, if your lifestyle and what you're doing in the other 23 hours of the day are not congruent to the training, then you won't get much more than slight progress. No matter how hard or how often you see a PT. 

Coaching will work on behaviour change and building new habits, so that you can have control of your own results even when you've finished coaching, whereas PT clients tend to slip back into old habits and feel a bit lost when they stop having sessions. 

Maybe thats all you want. To be pushed to the max and you lead a lifestyle supports your goals. And that's cool, PT will work for you.  But for most people, they need more help. 

Lets look at a Body Transformation Coach. A good coach can charge from £1000-£5000 and beyond for a transformation. I’ve seen top coaches charging up to £75K for the year.  

We know that 75% of a successful weight loss transformation is as a result of a clients lifestyle and nutrition and 25% to do with the workouts, making coaching much more affective for most people.  

A coach usually delivers sessions via a Skype coaching call rather than a gym session. 

The coaching call really peels back the layers and uncovers areas that are holding the client back, with the idea of getting the big rocks moving. And you can’t hide behind your next set of squats.  

A PT will try to uncover this stuff but really they skimp over it and the client is not fully engaged, because both PT and client are focused on the workout.  

You would probably spend more on a PT sessions and it would take longer to get the results, than hiring a good coach.  

But Ed, I hear you say. Theres an online coach on Instagram who’s got thousand’s of clients worldwide, who sells his program for fifty quid. 

Chances are this is a mass produced, what we call cookie cutter programme because there's no way they could personally coach and individualise the training and nutrition for that many people.  

But, they’ve got loads of before and after pics, proving their stuff works??

And I get that. 

And yes it may work for 5% of people that buy these programs, and thats a big number when you have 8 million followers. But what about the thousands that don’t get results. You won’t here about them.  

It may seem a big investment to hire a coach, and it is.  But you’re more likely to commit and succeed in something you’re fully invested in.  

Transformation is more than just looking great. It has a ripple effect that travels through all areas of your life and those around you. 

Think of what it would do for you, if you achieved your dream transformation.  

How would it make you feel?

How would you feel if you had unbreakable confidence?

How would that affect your relationships, family, and business?

What if you could pass that on to someone else? How would that make you feel?

What do you value this at? If there was a magic pill that would give you this, how much would you pay for it? 

How much time and money have you wasted already, trying to achieve this.  

Its simply life changing!

I put the following table together for you to see the comparisons. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Do you use a PT or a Transformation Coach?