Look After Number 1

We all have our priorities in life, but as we get older, we have more responsibilities like a career and a family to support, and they become our priority over ourselves. 

Everyone and everything else comes first. 

And when it comes to time to yourself, to do the things you enjoy such as your hobbies, socialising with friends, taking care of your health and fitness etc...

These things tend to slip to the bottom of the list, especially looking after your health. 

We all have to work, so we can put food on the table right. 

Our priorities for the majority of us are to work hard, so that you can provide.

After that, your priority is to spend quality time with your partner, and with the kids.

And any little time left if any, is time we can spend on ourselves.

And this is our way of thinking, for the majority of decent human beings. 

So I get it.

But what if we flipped this on its head, and you started looking after number 1 before anything and anyone else?

Selfish right?

Well actually...


Here's my take...

Before you can serve at your highest level, you must serve yourself first!

If you start neglecting yourself, and i'm talking about your health in particular, you'll go through everyday at full speed, day by day, week by week, month by month, year after year.  

And before you know it, you'll be looking in the mirror saying how did I let this happen. 

Thats if you're early.

If you leave it too late, you might be waking up in a hospital bed asking yourself the same question, whilst recovering from a heart attack and almost losing it all. 

Harsh, but true. 

If you don't look after number 1, how can you possibly look after anyone else.

If you're sick, you can't work.

If you can't work, you can't provide.

There goes the all inclusive holiday, and quality time with the family.  

I could go on, but do you get my point? 

Look after number 1

If this resonates with you and you feel like you're at a point where you need to get this fixed, before its too late...

Shoot me an email at info@edfit.co.uk

And i'd be happy to give you some quick advice.