Transformation Tuesday

Damn!! I remember those days when I used to go on holiday, and I had man boobs and a belly πŸ™ˆ. 

In fact, I don't know how this picture was even taken considering I hardly took my t-shirt off back then. 

I surely must have been caught off guard lol. 

I hated the way my body looked, and was always self conscious of what others thought of me. 

I even had to wear a t-shirt over the t-shirt at one point! 

Not cool, when you're on holiday, and it's baking hot. 

Back then I had no confidence, no self worth, no girlfriend, no fitness, poor health, no business, and, no clue what to do to change things...

Not a great way to live your life at 21, or at any age for that matter. 

I'm now 36 years of age and at potentially at my best, but I'm always striving for more. 

Not just the surface level stuff, like having arms and abs, but what that brings...

The health, the self worth, the confidence to achieve anything you want... 

My beautiful fiancΓ©e and son, 

A business where I can pass on my knowledge and help others do the same. 

Even if I don't have a penny, life couldn't be any richer than that. 

We can all become a better version of ourselves, no matter where we are at. 

If I decided to 'Think about it' and procrastinate for any longer, I'd still be stuck exactly where I was to this very day, and things would have probably gone from bad to worse. 

Want to know my secrets? 

1/ I decided to take action, even though I had no clue what to do or where I was going, I just did it anyway. Doing something that's not perfect is 100% more effective than thinking about doing something that is perfect. 

2/ I've invested heavily into my own self development. There's not a faster or more effective to get to where you want to be, than to invest in someone who's walked the path you want to walk. 

Here's the thing... 

It's never too late! 

Stop thinking, start doing. 

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