How To Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym or Dieting...


Is it even possible I hear you say?...


Look around you... 

Do you think every slim person you see is a gym member and follows a perfect healthy diet? 

Maybe some do,

but I'm sure many don't.

I'm sure a good amount don't even workout full stop and eat whatever they want. 

You see...

not everyone has time for the gym or preparing healthy low calorie meals all the time. 

Some people don't enjoy the gym or find it intimidating and I've never met anyone who enjoys restricting themselves on a diet. 

Some people can't cook, or don't like cooking, or if you're me, both. 

I get all of the above.

But, here's the thing...

You can lose weight, without losing a couple of hours in your day going to the gym, or going on a diet and missing out on your favourite foods. 

Ask my client Denis, who's gym was closed last week and eats an ice cream everyday...

He still checked in with me on Monday morning having lost another 2lbs.

Or Sabrina, who's lost 4lbs in her first 2 weeks on my mentorship program. 

She hits the gym only once a week for 30 minutes and eats what she wants. 

Even better, Tim has completely transformed his body having completed my 12 week program and he hasn't stepped foot in a gym once. 

So, here's my ONE secret for losing weight, without going to the gym or on a diet:


I.E Burn more fuel than you're taking in...

or.. move more, eat less...

Moving more doesn't mean go to the gym, you could simply go for a walk. 

Eating less, doesn't mean cutting out all sugar and high fat foods and live off of chicken and broccoli. 

It could mean, eat 2 slices of pizza instead of the whole pizza. 

Sounds simple right? 

And not really a secret...

You probably knew that already right?

But yet so many of us struggle, including myself at times. 

Sometimes we just need a little help, and there's nothing wrong with that. 

So what does it take to make such a simple formula work?

Well there's 3 key things:

CONSISTENCY - Doing the simple things on a consistent regular basis.

URGENCY - Setting goals or having a strong enough reason to lose weight. E.g Wedding or holiday  

ACCOUNTABILITY - At work, in order to be good at your job and make money, you may have targets to hit, jobs to do, and a boss to report back to. The same should apply with your weight loss goals. 

If you implement the above principles, you will see great results. However if you would like a little bit of help, don't hesitate to reach out to me . 

Yours in fitness,