Bigger Arms in 5 Simple Steps

You can't beat that feeling of your arms feeling like lead after a workout, and you put on your shirt and it feels like you're gonna burst out of your sleeves. 

You walk down the street and you're turning heads of girls and guys alike..

The girls want to get to know you, the guys want to be like you.  

You see, its not just about having a good set of arms for the sake of it. Its what those arms bring.

The confidence to do and achieve anything and wear anything.

How would you feel right now if you had a great set of guns?

How would your life be different?

The good news is its not that hard, and you don't even have to have the biggest arms in the world to experience that feeling. 

Here are my 5 simple steps to bigger arms:

1/ Train triceps - For those that don't know, triceps is the muscle at the back of the arms and as the name suggests (Tri)-seps has 3 heads compared to (bi)-ceps which has 2 heads.  So triceps make up a larger portion of muscle on the arms and can make them look big even if your biceps are not the biggest. 

2/ Dips and curls - These are two of the best mass building exercises for the arms, so be sure to include some form of dips for triceps and barbell/dumbbell curls for biceps. Even if you don't have access to a gym, you just need something weighty that you can hold and dips can be done bodyweight on the side of your bath or chair. Thats how I started and you'll still get some pretty great results. 

3/ Give them attention - Give your arms as much attention as you would any other body part by giving them their own workout opposed to adding them on to the end of another workout when you're tired. 

4/ Focus on form - There's no point in throwing around heavy weights because it looks cool (I have done this by the way). If you are doing this, lighten the load and slow down. Work the muscle from top to bottom. Squeeze at the top, slowly control the weight down into a full stretch. You'll get a much better response this way. Technique over weight anyway. 

5/ Get lean - You can create an illusion of big arms by keeping your body fat levels down. A leaner arm actually looks bigger, more muscular and impressive than a bigger fatter arm. Focus on good quality protein sources and a moderate amount of carbs and fats.  

Give these 5 steps a try and you'll be filling sleeves and turning heads in no time.  


LEAN & MEAN 2018