3 Ways To Smash Through The Mid Afternoon Slump


Yawning and looking at the clock and it feels like midnight, not midday. 


Feeling lethargic, and your brain and body is shutting down…


…and there’s still another 5 hours to go.


This could be costing you tens of thousands of $$$ every month. 


What if you could go all day with laser like focus…


So that you could get more done, make better decisions, and close more deals than than your competition who’s crashed and burned by 1pm. 


What would that mean for your business and your bank account?


And how would that change your life?


Its easy to smash through the mid afternoon slump, and even have enough energy and more time after work to spend with your wife and kids. 


Give these three simple things a try that will increase your capacity to outwork the competition.


1/ Take a mental break


Many driven entrepreneurs feel its more productive to just keep going, and not take any breaks. Not realising that taking a quick 10-15 minute break to get some fresh air and food, allows you to mentally recharge and get more done when you are in a state of focused work. Your brain is just like your muscles. You need to take a short break between sets, to regain your strength. 


2/ Exercise during your lunch break. 

Exercise gives you another opportunity to take a break from work, and not only will it get some blood flowing to your muscles, but also your brain. That will optimise the way your brain functions and performs. It allows you to be sharper and make better decisions. Some operate firms actually hire a personal trainer to come and train all their staff during lunch because they have seen an increase in work rate that is linked to exercise. You may be thinking you don't have time to exercise during your lunch break, but even 15-20 minutes will have a positive affect on your body, and your day.  


3/ Coffee. 

This one may surprise you and you probably think I'm going to tell you to drink less. And yes you're right, but you already know that if you're drinking to much that you should drink less. However coffee can have a positive affect on alertness if consumed correctly.  I find two americanos per day works really well for me. One at breakfast, and one mid afternoon after lunch.


Hope you find these tips of value and actually take action an implement them, and would love to hear how you get on.