How can I build muscle and lose my gut, if I work over 60 hours per week...?


One of the most common questions people ask me is…

"How can I build muscle and lose my gut, if I work over 60 hours per week and my diet consists mainly of grabbing what I can on the go?...

...I used to train 6 days a week and prepare my own meals, but since running a business and having a family, it's just not possible anymore"

It's an awesome question and I was just putting the answer into the draft for The Muscle & Hustle Method, but as it’s such a common question I thought I’d put an answer here. 

Here’s how to without having spend hours in the gym and prepping meals…

Firstly, theres two outcomes here...

1/ Lose the gut


2/ Build muscle.

If we go with losing the gut first. 

To lose the gut, body fat, weight or whatever you want to call it...

You need to be in a calorie deficit. 

This can be achieved one of two ways...

Eat less or move more. 

Eat less doesn't mean go on a diet and restrict yourself of all your favourite foods. 

It just means reduce your portions and eat less.

Move more doesn't mean hours on the treadmill. 

Moving more could be parking your car further away and walking a little more. 

Now lets look at building muscle. 

This is where it can become a bit more complex. 

To build muscle you need to weight train. So you ideally need a gym, but you can use your own body weight too. 

But heres the thing...

You haven't got time to spend hours in the gym, now you have a business and a family right?

I get it.

I'm in the exact same situation. 

Heres how I train, and most of my clients.

Short and intense.

Use a moderate amount of weight and focus on the big compound lifts.

Squats, Deadlfts, Rows, Bench press, Clean & Press etc. 

Compound movements focus on a lot of muscle getting more done in less time, and giving you a bigger bang for your buck in the gym. 

If you're not confident with these exercises, There are many similar alternatives using machines and body weight. 

The key is to keep things moving and don't spend to much time resting or waiting around for equipment. 

Doesn't only have to be the big lifts. 

Even exercises like bicep curls, and side raises can be pretty intense when you're not taking much rest. 

You can get amazing results in 20-30 minute workouts 3-4 times a week if you train SMART. 

Thats 2 hours or less a week. 

Hope that helps. 

You’ll get much more where that came from in The Muscle & Hustle Method.

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