Is Being Overweight Affecting Your Income?


Being over weight is costing entrepreneurs and companies billions every year. 

More and more companies are realising this and investing in coaching for their staff and providing them with exercise and shower facilities, so that they can improve their health, and get a return on investment from increased output that that brings. 

And it's not just about reducing the amount of sick days as you're probably thinking. 

A healthy body means a healthy mind. 

That means more energy and better decision making. 

More work done in less time equates to more time, more money, or both. 

Both of which are highly valuable. 

But there's something else, health and fitness provides...

Confidence and certainty. 

Especially if you're an entrepreneur, where you're a leader to others, a public speaker or in a customer/prospect facing environment.

I know some public speakers who charge $10,000 for an hour on stage. 

For that kind of money, you wanna be damn sure you're delivering certainty to your audience and not having to worry about your trousers splitting or your belly hanging out. 

I've known speakers who are great at what they do, but lack confidence in their own skin and have started to decline public speaking opportunities, because of this. 

And if you're charging $10,000 for a gig...

...that becomes a very expensive problem. 

Lets say you're turning down 2 opportunities a month...

Thats a $20k a month problem...

That becomes a $240k per year problem. 

Thats not including any additional revenue generated off the back of that in products or services. 

Perhaps you're not playing at that level.

Maybe you're just a regular sales guy.

But here's the thing right...

...people are all the same...

...people by certainty.

If you're lacking in certainty, it comes across to your prospects and customers...

...even if you sell over the phone.

People don't have to see you in person to detect that...

Its comes across in your tone of voice. 

I help the busiest of entrepreneurs and leaders drop 12-20lbs in 12 weeks, so that they can perform at their best, with confidence and certainty, and ultimately make more money.

If you feel we'd be a good fit to work together, then i'm opening up 2 invitations, to join my small intimate coaching group. 


Now before you apply... stuff is not cheap. 

That's because i'm bringing certainty to the table in the outcomes I deliver and the rewards you will reap for many years to come.

If we are to work well together...

...You'll need to bring your own certainty.

You must be willing to put your money where your mouth is and back yourself...

...and this will be an investment, rather than a cost. 

But, my question to you...

Is how much is it costing you not to do this?