3 Lessons Learnt In Fitness & Business From Authoring My First Book


What’s writing a book got to do with your fitness and business goals, you ask?

More than you might imagine,when you sit and think about it. 

See, successful weight loss is not about the perfect diet,or the best workout program. it’s not sets and reps, or calories…

...or get rich quick schemes in business.

It’s a set of behaviours. Habits. Thinking patterns. 

The things that make the workouts, the healthy meals, happen (or not happen). 

The things that make you show up for work everyday. 

So here’s 3 things I discovered authoring my book…and how you can apply it to transforming your body and business…

# TIP 1 # 


Having a solid plan makes life easy. 

Meanwhile, having no plan sets you up for disaster. 

Writing the book has been much easier than you might imagine it would be.

That’s because I had a solid structure to plan the entirebook out BEFORE I wrote a single word. 

You don’t get writers block when you have a structure to follow, which you pre-defined at the beginning. 

If you plan out your workouts, and schedule them in your diary…

You'd do the same if it was a meeting at work

Plan your meals, and do your shopping, meal preparation in advance…

It’s quite easy to do the ‘right things’. You’d have to go out of yourway to get off track…

# TIP 2 # 


I’ll be honest…

I didn’t write the book alone. 

Of course, every single word on the paper is straight from my mouth…

Like only YOU can do the exercise, or eat the foods, that lead tosuccess in your weight loss. 

Only I can write my book…

However,I got help with the bigger picture…

HOW to write the book. 

You need to do the work to achieve your goals,but getting the help on HOW to do it, will make it a million times easier. 

You save all the energy and frustration of going wrong. 

You have the confidence that comes from working with an experienced pro. 

You have the accountability of someone ‘on your side’, so you’re not out in the wilderness alone. 

# TIP 3 #


Looking at my word count does not get me closer to finishing. 

Only sitting and writing will increase the word count. 

The outcome will come AFTER doing the work. 

I know that sounds obvious, but many people want to lose weight first… and then they’ll ‘start acting like a healthy person’. 

Afraid that isn’t how it works. 

You put in the time, effort, commitment, and dedication now….

You get the benefit later. 

Hustle now, retire early :)

You have to act like a healthy person, to become a healthy person.

You have to act and think rich to become rich. 

You can grab yourself a FREE copy of my book The Muscle & Hustle Method HERE:

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