Staying Motivated After Summer


As we roll into mid September, its getting a little bit colder outside, and darker earlier each day.

It’s been an awesome summer to be fair and I don’t think anyone can complain this year over here in the UK that we haven’t had our fair share of sun and hot weather.

But as summer draws to a close and autumn fast approaches, how is it possible to stay motivated to keep fit and in shape during the winter months?

In this article I’ll share some of my top tips and advice for staying in shape all year round.

Most people seem to be more motivated to exercise in the summer for obvious reasons like more of your body is on show more because we wear less clothes in the summer. Perhaps you have a holiday etc.

So how do we maintain that motivation and drive, when summer is over and we’re back from our holidays?

1/ Set new goals - We always perform better when we have a goal to achieve, and a realistic deadline by which to achieve it by. Maybe you didn’t quite get the beach body you wanted for your holiday. But what’s stopping you from continuing to achieve that. Imagine the shape you could be in this time next year if you just keep going, rather than stopping and starting from scratch next year. Its always harder starting again. You’ve already gotten over the ‘starting’ hurdle so you may as well just keep going. You might be frustrated that what you’ve been doing is not working and thats why you usually stop… and I get that too. But it’s probably only a small tweak that will get you on track. Ask me if you need any help. Whether you pay me to work with you or just want advice, i’m always happy to help.

2/ Don’t diet - Diets are very restrictive and have end in mind. None of my clients go on diets and still get awesome results. I’ve never found a diet that works forever. And i’ve tried them all. We don’t want being fit, having a healthy weight and body to come to an end because your diet has. When we fall off the waggon, that just un does all our hard work and its like a vicious circle. Eat everything you want in moderation, but just don’t over eat or drink all of the time. This is much more sustainable. If I told you I could get you to your ideal weight and body shape, whilst eating what you want, how would you feel about that? Would that get you fired up and excited as hell to do this?

3/ Ask yourself WHY? - This is a big one and is often over looked. Usually there is a much deeper, underlying reason why someone wants to change their body. Something much more meaningful than looking good on the beach. And you may not even be fully consciously aware of what that is yet. For some of my clients, they’ve had a glimpse into the future, seeing loved ones pass away too young for something that could have been avoided if only they’d taken more care of their health. For me it was confidence. When I had a gut and man boobs, I wasn’t confident in my own skin. This wasn’t just a body thing. It filtered through into other areas of my life. I didn’t feel I was good enough and had a low self worth. I felt I wasn’t able to reach my full potential unless I changed my body. When I did, I felt like a champion of the world. Of course this is not about defeating others to become the best. There is no competition other than yourself. So in my head I was the best version of myself. Let me rephrase that… I am the best version of myself, and I am a champion in my mind.

Whats stopping you from becoming a champion?

Going back to the WHY. When you have a big enough reason… A meaningful why… That when you take consistent action and make this part of your life, not just for summer.

If this is something you need some help with…

I’m putting together a very small intimate group of guys where we’ll be digging deep to find out the WHY in what i’m calling the ‘Summer Holiday Revival’ edition of my coaching program where we’ll be digging deep, to find out your WHY and get you in the zone a ready for a big transformation thats not just for summer.

If you’d like to know more, head to and complete the short questionnaire, and then we’ll have a quick chat to find out if its a fit. If not, totally cool too, and I hope you enjoyed reading.