How Getting Fit Can Make You More Money


Can getting fit really make you more money?

Short and simple answer is ‘YES’

But i’m not going to leave you with that…

You may have heard me talk about this before…

How being overweight could be costing you and your company a fortune and the difference it makes when you are fit and in shape.

My two greatest passions in life other than my family, are fitness and business, and is of course what I based my book The Muscle & Hustle Method on.

I’m frequently asked how the two correlate…

So I’m gonna share with you how, with a few examples…

I’m talking from personal experience and from working with and studying hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs, and their mindset and habits.

Of course there’s the obvious fact that keeping fit and healthy means you will take less sick days, and when you’re self employed you don’t work you don’t get paid.

But lets look beyond that…

As a succesful entrepreneur you can probably make money while you sleep anyway…

But it’s not enough… You still want more.

You want to have the edge.

You know that even if you had the extra 1%, it could mean the difference between six figures and 7 figures to you.

So what is it that could make the difference… Could it really just be exercise?

I’m not saying that’s the only thing, but yes it certainly is a piece of the puzzle.

In a recent business convention there was a study that I learnt of the top 10 traits of millionnaires.

I’m not going to share all of them here because that’s a story for another article. But one of the common traits of a millionaire is that he or she wakes up at 5am and has completed 3 tasks by 6am, whilst most of the rest of the world are in the land of nod.

Those tasks in no particular order are typically…

1/ Journalling

2/Planning out the day

3/ Exercise.

Most entrepreneurs might do the planning bit but often neglect the work on themselves.

I know because I’ve neglected myself at times too.

Sometimes the stress of work gets on top of us…

Often its hard to switch off, especially when you’re a solo entreprenuer.

So I totally get it.

But if millionaires are doing these simple things, then we can all learn something.

Success leaves clues at the end of the day.

Journalling especially was something I didn’t make time for… I didn’t see the point. But now having practiced on a regular basis, on the advice of my coach, I now understand the importance of keeping the mind healthy as well as the body.

And of course exercise. A millionaire hasn’t got time to workout for an hour or two per day.

They are too busy making… well… millions.

But even 20-30 minutes in the morning is enough to set them up for a productive day.

Staying fit allows you work at your highest capacity, being more productive throughout the day.

In fact you’ll probably get more done in less time and find yourself working less, and stressing less.

There’s no need for a coffee drip by 11am because you’re running off your own energy all day long.

Keeping fit keeps your mind sharp, and allows for better decision making. Better decisions make you more money, poor decisions cost you more.

Then there’s the discipline of going to the gym and working on yourself that crosses over into your business and other areas of your life and vice versa.

I know from my own experience when I stepped in the gym and increased my own personal standards… There was a natural improvement in the standards of all areas of my life.

The first day I stepped in a gym and picked up a set of dumbbells changed my life forever.

The simple fact of the matter is for you to be paid what you’re worth, you have to be worth what you’re paid… And if you don’t value yourself, by taking care of yourself…

…How can you expect anyone else to?

You need to take control and show up as your best, and fucking own it,

What do you think?


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