How To Lose The Man Boobs, Without Surgery?


One of the most common questions men ask me other than how can I lose my gut is…

How can I lose the man boobs?

This is a topic close to my heart, because they were the cause of great stress and embarrassment for many years of my life before I got myself in shape. So I’m more than qualified to answer.

I was just actually just putting the content together for the first module of my new online programme, The Perfect Chest, but as it’s such a common question...

I thought I’d share my top 5 tips here:

1/ LIFT WEIGHTS -  Lifting weights is proven to not only build and tone your chest, and of course all of your body, but also increase testosterone levels. A common cause of man boobs, is not always because you’re over weight, but sometimes because of an imbalance of your hormones. If you have high oestrogen levels, you will tend to store body fat on the chest making them look like breasts. Lifting weights can help reverse this. There are hundreds of chest exercises you can do, but for me, my journey started with a good old fashioned push up. Simple and very effective.

2/ SLEEP 8HRS - Hormone levels peak during sleep. Not enough sleep equals more fatigue, more stress, and your hormones all over the place. Make sure your getting your 40 winks in.

3/ LOSE FAT - Man boobs are essentially fatty tissue that has been deposited on the chest. You can’t spot reduce, but by reducing your overall body weight will help you get rid of unwanted chest fat.

4/ EAT CLEAN - Eat less crap and more of the good stuff. Lean protein, high fibre fruit and veg. I used to eat a lot of junk. Fast food, chocolates, crisps, which was a big contributor to my man boobs and the overall shape of my body. When I cleaned this up it added in the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals, responsible for facilitating what I was doing in the gym, and was a huge part of my transformation.

5/ MIND MUSCLE CONNECTION - Learn to visualise and connect your mind to your pec muscles. Focus intently on contracting the pecs, during exercise. Tense them as hard as you can. Arnold used to visualise his biceps peaking like mountains when he used to curl, before he even had big arms. This is more important than the exercise you’re doing or the amount of weight you’re lifting.

Hope that helps.

 You’ll get much more where that came and of course i’ll be breaking these down into a step by step how to in The Perfect Chest.

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