3 GOLDEN RULES To Gaining Muscle Fast


Building muscle is hard work...

There's no doubt about it!

Its a much harder and longer process than fat loss.

You could lose 3-4 lbs of fat in a week, but it could take months if not years to add the same weight in lean muscle tissue. Especially if you've been training a while and are natural of course.

But here are 3 golden rules that will guarantee you faster results. 


1/ Overload the muscles.

In order for your muscles to grow you need to overcome load them... 

In other words lift weights until your muscles fail. Doesn't necessarily have to be heavy weights. Lighter moderate weights are fine with higher reps.

2/ Focus on getting enough protein

This should be your priority above everything else with your diet. Protein aids muscle growth and recovery and if you're not getting enough you'll struggle to see results. How much is enough you're wondering? Aim for 1g per pound of body weight for optimal results. 

3/ Never skip meals

This is so important when it comes to adding lean mass. You want to be consuming protein rich foods every 3-4 hours from when you wake to when you go to sleep. Your body needs protein and when its not there it has to find it from somewhere. Usually from your hard earned muscles, putting you into a catabolic state. Stay anabolic and never miss meals. 

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