The Choice is Yours

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In todays post were going to be talking about choices.

We all have choices in life.

You can choose to exercise or not. 

You can choose to eat an apple or a donut. 

You can choose to spend money at the pub at the weekend or invest in your health and fitness. 

You made a choice to read this post

You can choose to change or remain the same.

The point you are at, at the moment is down to the choices you've made leading up until this point.

As humans its natural to place the blame anywhere other than on ourselves. We like to blame external things as the reason we're not where we want to be. 

"Im too busy, I'm tired, It's raining, Its sunny, I don't have time, with work and the kids". 

The list goes on...

Yes life gets in the way. 

And there might well be things you feel are holding you back from reaching your goals at the moment, and yes they might make things a bit harder. 

But will they really stop you, if you make a bit more effort to try harder? 

Probably not

At the end of the day, we have to take responsibility for our actions and our choices. 

Its your choice whether you let an obstacle stop you or not. 

Obstacles can easily be over come by being more organised.

I like to keep a diary and organise my day affectively so that potential obstacles don't actually become... well, obstacles. 

There are only 24 hours in a day to work with. Don't waste time on things that don't matter or you don't want to be doing. 

You need to prioritise whats most important to you and make sure you get these things done. 

For me, my family is the most important thing to me, as is my work. 

But I must organise my day to allow me to productively work, and to give me that work/life balance. 

Obviously as a fitness professional, my health and fitness is a big priority too, so I also have to schedule in time to work out, and prepare and eat my meals, to support my goals.  

You need to get organised and prioritise what matters most to you.

Life is what you make it!

You can be that person who makes excuses, or you could be the person who says f**k it and just go for it!

Even if its not the perfect time.

Guess what?

There never will be a perfect time.

And ask yourself this question...

How bad do you want this?