Workout for a Better Body

In todays article, I'm going to give you some advice on building a better body. 

As I'm sure you've heard me say many times before, nutrition is key and contributes around 70% to building a great looking physique.  

I'm not going to discuss nutrition today.

Lets take a look at your program.  

Do you even follow a program?

Or does your routine look something like this:

  1. Treadmill - 10 mins
  2. Cross trainer - 10 mins
  3. Bike - 10 mins
  4. Couple sets of inner/outer thighs and abs (LADIES)
  5. Couple sets of Chest press and bicep curls (GENTS)

I know, because I see this every single day :)

And you wonder why you're not seeing results??

Its cool, how are you supposed to know, if no ones taught you or haven't researched this stuff. 

That why you have guys like me and great articles like this to read and learn from ;)

To build a better body you need to train it properly and intelligently, and feed it the right nutrition. As I mentioned already, i'm not going to discuss nutrition in this article. 

I'm sure you can find plenty of articles on that topic on this website.  

To make visible changes to your physique, you need to follow a structured and progressive resistance training program. 

Something that will challenge you and even push you to and beyond your limits at times.  

I'm a big fan of body part splits. Meaning I like focus on training only one or two body parts per workout. 

Typically the program myself and most of my successful transformation clients follow over the course of the week would consist of the following body part workouts:







By training this way, you can focus on only one or two body parts per workout (depending how often you get to the gym), which means you can focus 100% on those body parts and train them harder than if you were doing a full body workout for example.

Another benefit to training like this is each body part, once trained, can then rest and recover fully until the following week when you train it again.

Yes there may be a little cross over with certain body parts, for example your arms get a fair bit of work, even when training chest, back, and shoulders.  But there's a difference to this as opposed to training them directly. 

Theres nothing wrong, with full body workouts at all. I like to do them myself from time to time. I've just found body part splits, a more effective way of working out and seeing visible physical changes. 

If you need to change things up with your routine, then I suggest you give this a try and I'm certain you'll see results. 

And if you need any help putting together an awesome transformation program, then drop me a message at and I'd be happy to help you out. 

Good luck!