COACHING packages

Choose one of the coaching packages to suit your needs. 


£100 per month

Here's what's included:


  • Progressive strength training program to tone, shape, and strengthen your body.  


  • Weekly cardio plan to get you fitter and reduce body fat. 


  • Weekly habit building. 


  • Coaching on mindset & motivation, technique tips and common mistakes. 


  • Nutrition training (simple and advanced level). Learn how to build your own nutrition plan that works for you. 


  • Learn what to eat, when to eat.


  • Private Facebook group for accountability, motivation, and to connect with your teammates and share your journey with like minded people. 


  • Useful resources such as a Healthy Eating Shopping List, Food Portion Guide, and a Supplement Guide.


  • Exclusive client only discounts for some of the UK’s leading supplement brands and meal prep providers


  • Monthly Check In to keep you on track. 


  • Full Support.



£200 per month

Includes all of the above plus:

A 30 minute one to one personal training session every week.