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Roxy Qutteineh 

Nothing is impossible! It took me 12 weeks to see my body as a sculpture! 

Having Ed by my side who pushed me outside my comfort zone I achieved incredible results! Thank You coach!


Melanie Knight

Where do I start? When the year started I said to myself I need to join the gym so I could lose weight and improve my health. I had not been to the gym in 3 years and I knew it was going to be a challenge.

I was introduced to Ed at the end of January and ever since then I have felt more confident in my body and going to the gym has become my second job!

He is a great personal trainer,  helping me to achieve my personal goals such as losing weight and staying fit..... and to top it all off my blood pressure is reducing. Personally I feel so much better with my body!
Keep up the good work and I will recommend Ed to anyone who is serious about losing weight and improving their health.

Emily Peacock

Ed has been great at giving me accountability and motivation to continue training and pushes me when I need it the most, especially when the voice inside is saying 'that's enough you can stop now'.

I can see results within weeks of doing a few sessions with him and he's great at helping with advice on nutrition if you need it.

Ed is lovely to work with and makes heading into the gym that little bit easier. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Thank you for all your help!

Sarah Jones

Working with Ed has really helped me to achieve my goals. His experience helped translate 'I'd like to get fitter and stronger', into a structured plan where I can really feel like I'm actually making progress. 

Through 1 on 1 coaching sessions I can't make any excuses. I'm at the gym when I say I will and that really helps me to fit exercise in around my busy lifestyle. By prioritising my training this way is the only way I'm going to achieve my goals. 

I'd recommend Ed as a personal trainer because he clearly knows his stuff! He's fun to train with - pushing you when you need it - and he's passionate about what he does. If you've got a goal in mind, talk to him about it and he'll come up with a plan to help you achieve it. 

I started training with Ed about 9 months ago. I hadn't been regularly exercising for a while and was struggling to motivate myself back in to a routine. Standard offer gym classes weren't  interesting me and I wasn't feeling very confident in my body - I really felt out of shape.

9 months into training and I'm fitter, stronger, leaner and regularly surprise myself with a new personal best - which is a great feeling! I also feel so much more confident in myself because I am proud of what I can do. 

Ed's coaching was the enabler for me to achieve this.   


As someone with experience of using a gym but not getting any traction on my goals, Ed very quickly taught me new exercises and a lot of guidance on my diet and nutrition and I've now made real progress.

I used to be very skinny and exercise shy until I went to university and got interested in the local gym. I've been going to the gym and have worked in a gym for 7 years but it is only until now that I can see any real progress. 

Ed listens to what it is you want to achieve and gives you the tools and support to help you deliver it, always happy to answer questions and a point in the right direction. Sessions are always challenging and bring something new.



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